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Short Story : The Mom's Book

The Mom's Book
I have been spending my alone married time with Robe for four years. I decided to have a baby with him for the year of two. Robe is a man who really likes children, I noticed him usually looks out to the kids with his aura heart, kindness, warmth and joy in his eyes when we had a stroll in the park. He had never asked me about having a kid, it didn’t mean that he wasn’t brave enough, but he considered my time of age was to work as I have a good occupation and really love my job. He exactly learned that. One day, I determined to tell him that I was ready to have a kid for him. He was very surprised and exciting. We are getting old every day, especially Robe; he is older than me for twelve years and really cares of my sentiments. We love each other very much, it may sounds a normal thing to relationship of couples in general to say these sharing emotion for each other, and I think everyone can say those words anyway.We might not be special to the others in public,anyway we are absolutely special for each other.

I gave birth to a girl and named her Leona according to a girl who fortuned Robe and I meeting each other. Robe was extremely thrilled when he saw his daughter for the first time, but we had time looking after our daughter together for a year and half. Robe had to go to promote his new album in many countries, at least about six months he wouldn’t live with us. Our house is located in the same area with his parents and his daughter’s family. He had been touring week by week and had no time to rest as much as he needs, so if he had a week brake, he usually asked me to come home and I usually said “No” and “We really meet you too, but your responsibilities are there, your fans have been waiting for you for a long time. Take a rest and be inspirational of your music for them.” In the other hand, my heart was full of tears to tell him until we finished the line. I could wait undoubtedly, in contrast it was pretty hard for me too. In fact, it is our live that we are usually separated because of our work. I also work in abroad and cannot come home often as much as he does his tours.

Leona was tottering, trying to walk and saying something easy words in progress. I told Robe to chat with us on the chatting online where we could see what another was doing if he had a free day. I was cooking for lunch time while Leona was busy at her toys in front of her father watching from the laptop. The cooking was done and I turn back to Leona while she left her toys to the laptop screen with her hands were touching on it and saying something like talking to her father. She looked interested in the things in front of her. I happened to know how hard living far away from what we love, especially, Robe and us,Leona was his blood and heart. Robe’s eyes were almost tears, I saw it, remembered clearly, Leona call him "daddy", obviously it made her father wanted to return home the most.

When Robe came back home, sooner I had to go to my work. Of course, he didn’t really want me to go immediately. The schedule of my work was five months and I wouldn’t get a chance to cerebrate Christmas day and New Year with them. My birthday date is about the beginning of year. Robe called me throwing the party together with our family and would stay for one week with me of his plan, he would come to meet me with Leona alone. “You should invite your daughter’s family to go with you, they may help you about flight travelling. Leona is a little girl, sensitive and gentle she hasn’t been on the flight yet.” claimed me. But he insisted seriously what he planed, so I accepted annoyingly. That is the way he usually do, never lets anyone break his permanent plans. I am a fastidious and irritable one. I was really glad that I found him when he grew up, was older actually, he was forty when we started dating. He is a fine and modest man, careless to my changing and nonsensical emotions I have, never gets angry or take offence what I usually complain what he annoies me, he is usually do to be honest.

He called me when he arrived, but I couldn’t go to take them to my apartment by myself, so he had to take a taxi with Leona. I was really exhausted that day because my work was finished late about 9 pm, going to meet them enthusiastically anyway. Moodily, I got a phone-call from my sweetheart “Honey, I forgot my back at the airport.” He asked me to fetch it back. “Remember, I told you to ask someone to accompany you, huh!” almost screamed angrily. Leona was about two years more, airsick, didn’t walk and wanted to be carried all the time, terribly, it was crowded that day. I drove to take his bag and got home almost midnight. Opening the door, the light was turned on, there was no noise, I saw his cell-phone on the table in the living room that he never picked up the phone when I was trying to call repeatedly, stepping towards quietly the bedroom and seeing a lanky father and chubby little baby on the bed with powder was scattered on their bodies and the floor. My fetigue was gone and I could forgive anything in the world what made me got furious out of this sight. As a wife, checking her husband’s packing the luggage of order, on the way here,his daughter called me asking about the father and his daughter travelling flight and told a little bit how busy the two making a little birthday’s present for me and also Robe packed the suitcase by himself, hoping and wanting to appreciate and ensure me that he can take care of Leona when I am on work. I considered the large heavy bag was full of his daughter’s stuff, there was nothing of his own, it couldn’t be compared to the one I just took it from the airport which it was very smaller and inside, I saw clothes of him a few pieces that conveniently we could buy the new ones instead of driving miles to take it back. I confessed that I was really mad at him, suddenly I found a little box with a piece of card on the top was written “Happy Birthday Mommy from ‘Ona and Daddy”, it had favorite cookies in the lovely box.

I had an inspiration to write something about my sweethearts after that day on, even though I would be busy as bees, but I won’t get tired to do it anyway. Some day it would be created as a thick book, to my kids, full of various things about our activities and something I want to teach and give my children with love of concernedly to earn life by my experiences.

“Don’t you sleep yet, honey?” asked Robe, and “What are you writing? New movies?” I smiled sweetly to him “I am almost” replied me. He went straight and stopped beside me giving me a kiss on my head tenderly “We don’t want to leave here tomorrow. I love you and will miss you. I’m going to bed” and “You should to” said sleepily. He went to bed. I kept the notebook into the lowest drawer of my desk to be a secret waiting for proper time to be published.

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